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I am so happy that you have taken the time to get to know a little bit about me! Enjoy a few fun facts below!

I was born in Alberta, but Vancouver Island has been my home since 2006 and for this I am so grateful! I will never tire of the ocean waves and the whimsical forests being something I can include as a part of my everyday. It’s magic.

Travelling the world is often on my mind. I’ve been to many places over the years but my favourites so far are Kauai, Guatemala + Thailand. That being said, I am constantly in awe of how much there is to experience on Vancouver Island + the Gulf Islands. I keep an ever growing list of places to see + things to do on my phone so I can check off the list as I explore. I adore the abundance of nature encompassed experiences of this place I call home + will share them with anyone willing! Hooray!

I love to sing. Power ballads in the car is my speciality.
I also adore Macklemore and string quartet covers equally.

I am flower obsessed; always eagerly growing my half acre cottage inspired garden. It’s dreamy! My choice of home decor is vases filled with fresh flowers all around my home. I also love to grow gigantic pumpkins for fun. Gardening teaches me patience + simply put, it makes my heart ridiculously happy!

Most days you can find me hiking along the river, exploring fern filled valleys, or working in my greenhouse. I enjoy simple days spent with my love Benjamin and our two giant breed rescue pups named Axle (Great Dane Mix) + Goober (St Bernard Retriever). They are the cutest!

And of course, it’s a joy to enhance the beauty of a bride through the use of cruelty free, all natural cosmetics alongside capturing the heartfelt love stories of couples across Vancouver Island. When I get excited, I tend to squeal & do a happy dance; something you will likely witness as I browse captured images on your wedding day or during our session together :)

Anyways. if you read this + feel like we could be best friends… hooray!
We would likely have a great time working together and I would love to chat!


These are a few of my favourite things

Musicals, Earl Grey Lattes, Sloths + Orca Whales

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