Malaspina Galleries Elopement | Gabriola Island

I adore elopements. Every time I am lucky enough to be present for a ceremony where the bride & groom exchange vows amongst solely the closest of family and friends, I consider it an honour to be there. The energy present during such ceremonies, the heightened emotions, connections, a feeling in the air that isn't often found at larger weddings... it's really special. 

Spending time on Gabriola Island for this wedding in particular was really wonderful. My team and I would be providing makeup, hair & photography for the couple and when we arrived, we were welcomed like family. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, a glass of wine & laughed with one another prior to beginning the getting ready portion of the day. When it came time for the ceremony, just a handful of guests waited under clear blue skies, perched on a lookout over the Pacific Ocean. The bride was barefoot, the guests emotional, & the ceremony perfection. Malaspina Galleries has my heart. Not only was the setting sun gracing us with the dreamiest of light and making the ocean look like it was filled with glitter, but magic really ensues when you have a couple as passionate as these two & a location as enchanting and wonderful as this.

Planning an elopement on Gabriola Island or Vancouver Island? Please get in touch!
I would love to make you look & feel beautiful for your celebration & then photograph the magical moments as the day unfolds. In the meantime... enjoy these whimsical Gabriola Island elopement images. Hope they inspire. 


Chelsea Dawn