Earth Inspired Festival Makeup | Vancouver Island Makeup Artist

The truth is, nothing about this session went to plan.

We had a gorgeous wedding dress. A stunning, sparkly headpiece to match. 
Lacey Iris created a beautiful avant garde hairstyle to add a non-traditional touch to it all.
We ventured out into the backyard, and something just didn't feel right. 
After a few shots, I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

"Guys. This isn't working. It reminds me of the 80's or like a scene from the movie Beetlejuice!"

Everyone burst out laughing and now that I had made mention of it, even they could not un-see it.

The dress was SO stunning on the hanger, too. We were so excited to include it in the session. But it just didn't work. The sleeves that we thought would be perfectly romantic and feminine... 80's 80's 80's. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.. BEETLEJUICE!

(Oops, I said it three times! Haha- if you haven't seen this movie- make it happen)

And so back we went into the house to see what else we could create.

The images below are the finished product. A headpiece made of braided twigs. And a back-up dress and earrings that our model brought as a "just in case" ... WOOHOO!

As for the makeup, I created this look using the all natural, cruelty free + vegan cosmetics line "Elate Cosmetics"

You can see my list of products used below... :)
This could totally be a festival appropriate look! What do you think?


Chelsea Dawn



Eluma Creative 24 Karat Skin Potion + Elate Cosmetics Full Tint Foundation in "ECRU"
"TITIAN" Pressed Cheek Colour for Blush
"SUNBEAM" Bronzer for Contour
"CELESTIAL" Universal Creme for Highlighter

"ETHEREAL" Twinkle Powder on Eyelid
"IDOL" Eyeliner
"EARTHEN" Pressed Powder for Brows

BLAZE Lipstick

Interested in making the switch to all natural cosmetics for your daily beauty ritual?
Planning a wedding and needing a makeup artist for your celebration?
Please get in touch! I'd the happy to help! xo

Chelsea Banwell