Intimate Lupin Falls Elopement | Breanne + Dayton

Breanne + Dayton. This elopement will forever have a special place in my heart.
First, it was makeup for our bride. From there, we hopped in separate cars + they followed behind me for what felt like forever, weaving through the scenic roads to our destination. They had no idea where we were to end up. You see, they were visiting from Alberta and left it up to me to decide where they would exchange vows. All they hoped for was trees, ferns + maybe even some waterfalls near Campbell River where they would be visiting family. Luckily, I knew a place that encompassed all of those elements and it was more magical then I could have ever imagined.

We arrived and parked the car, met the lovely celebrant (Barbara Densmore) and started walking up the trail to where I envisioned it would be perfect for them to exchange vows. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, anxiously awaiting to see how they would respond when they saw this special place for the first time.  They were thrilled, and everything that followed was absolute magic.

Enjoy a glimpse into their adventurous love story... :) 


Chelsea Dawn

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