A Connection Session: Neck Point Park in Nanaimo BC

Just because.
There is no other reason needed to get in front of the camera.
Do it for the connection, the emotion, the magic.
It’s a chance to be photographed with the people who are important to you and bring your heart so much joy. The people who make you laugh uncontrollably and brighten every day.

Whether you’re a local + want to be photographed on your favourite mountain perch or in a wildflower field, or visiting from abroad and eager to explore deep in the woods, hike to whimsical hidden waterfalls, or go stroll along rocky beaches… I would be overjoyed to tag along, camera in hand to capture it all.

Let’s stop with the needing of fancy reasons to celebrate love and the things important to us.
Put on your hikers or your favourite floral dress + let’s see where we end up. I promise you the images will make your heart oh so happy and you’ll be forever grateful you took the time to have them created.


Chelsea Dawn

Chelsea BanwellComment