10 Reasons to Choose Airbrush Bridal Makeup

airbrush bridal makeup look for romantic tofino wedding

airbrush bridal makeup look for romantic tofino wedding

Interested in airbrush bridal makeup or airbrush makeup for your upcoming special event?You're in luck!

Today I want to share some information on why I love airbrush makeup and how it compares to traditional makeup. Most of you are probably use traditional makeup products on a daily basis and that's great- so do I! But for special events, airbrush is my go-to method for my clients and I want to share why.

For starters... here is a quick breakdown of the two.


-A liquid, cream or pressed powder formula. -Commonly applied with a brush, sponges, or fingertips. -Variety of products available offering everything from a sheer tint to full coverage

-Not usually waterproof. Can rub off on clothing and will require touchups throughout the evening. Can leave a heavy, caked on feeling on the skin if applied incorrectly.

AIRBRUSH -A water based or natural silicone based formula -Product is sprayed into the skin instead of applied with brushes, sponges or fingertips. -Offers sheer to full coverage with a variety of shades available for skin, lips, cheeks etc. -Waterproof, rub-proof and sweat-proof. -Flawless complexion & always lightweight. -Photographs perfectly. -Lasts over 12 hours without touch-ups.

As you can see at a glance, airbrush has some perks! This is why I decided to compile a list of 10 reasons to choose airbrush makeup.

Check it out & see if you think airbrush bridal makeup or special event makeup is for you!

10 Reasons to Choose Airbrush Makeup

1) Flawless skin. Whether your skin is sensitive, oily, dry, or acneic, the airbrush can be used to achieve a perfect complexion. The products will be lightly misted onto your skin, blending seamlessly. 2) It's SO lightweight. Regardless of the desired coverage, the finished product will be lightweight, you skin will be able to breathe as if it had nothing on it all. No cake face here! 3) It's extremely sanitary & applies quickly!Although the brushes of a professional makeup artist will be clean and perfectly safe for use, the airbrush is great as it doesn't need to touch any skin at all. The airbrush tool allows a super fine mist to be sprayed directly onto the skin until desired coverage is achieved. It's also a lot quicker than the application of traditional makeups, saving you time! 4) Tear-proof, rub-proof, sweat-proof. If it's your wedding day, it's expected that a few tears may be shed. You can also be confident though that through the summer heat or a night of dancing that your makeup look will stay put. So hug your family members, let the tears flow, dance your heart out. Just DAB your face as needed and your look will last for at least 12 hours. 5) Body Blemishes. Some people are prone to not only face blemishes, but chest or back blemishes. Carrying the airbrush foundation down to the upper body allows us to cover any areas that may be of concern to you. 6) Body Shimmer. Flawless face. Body blemishes covered. Now what? As mentioned above, there are a variety of colours available with the airbrush that can be used not only as foundation, but as cheek and lip colour and body shimmers too! On the wedding day, I will apply a soft luminescent shimmer to your chest, back and arms. Choose from sun-kissed bronze or a pink pearl. Both will perfectly complete your makeup look & leave you looking radiant. 7) Varicose veins and bruises. Imagine this. Mother of the bride has a fabulous summer dress for her daughters wedding. It is hot, hot, hot outside and she doesn't want to have to wear nylons. She is concerned about the appearance of her varicose veins and bruises on her legs though so we apply a bit of concealer & then airbrush it all away. Win! 8) TATTOOS! Covering tattoos is definitely a more specialized technique and can require time depending on the size and colouring of your tattoo but it is possible! With a mix of concealers and airbrushing, we can work to make your tattoo disappear. 9) Perfect for Photography. Airbrush makeup has been used for years in the movie and entertainment industry because of its versatility to create the right look on and off camera. With its 'no-makeup' look, it is able to appear natural in person, on screen and in pictures because it eliminates shine and provides the right amount of coverage without all the traditional makeup layers. 10) Easy to Remove Post-Event So you now know that airbrush will give you the perfect coverage, leaving you looking flawless! It will last all day long and then when your ready; guess what! You can just use soap and water to wash it all away. No special makeup removers or cleansers required.

Well, that's that! I just adore airbrush makeup and if you are getting married, I really encourage you to consider airbrush bridal makeup!

If you have any other questions or comments about traditional makeup VS airbrush makeup, please comment below or feel free to contact me!


Chelsea Dawn