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Hi everyone! :)Future brides... this one is for you to ensure you achieve bridal makeup success!

I was inspired to write about the importance of being open with your makeup artist during your wedding makeup trial!!

Every once in a while I run into a bride that tells me she doesn't think she needs a trial for her wedding makeup. I am always baffled by this. SO MUCH DETAIL goes into planning the perfect wedding & the bride's appearance should not be compromised by any means! A trial makeup run is the perfect time to review makeup colors, share thoughts and ideas, and talk about what you have envisioned for your special day with the makeup artist. Not sure what you want or what would look best? Then it's the perfect time to allow the makeup artist to create a look herself, and for you to work together to tailor it & make changes afterwards so it suits you perfectly. So it is exactly what you hoped for and more!

Being a makeup artist, I have had a variety of clients and have learned to read the body language. It is pretty evident when someone is thinking "I LOVE IT! I FEEL GORGEOUS" or "I am not sure if I am comfortable with this look.." Regardless of what your experience may be, you need to be OPEN with your makeup artist! That is truly what I REALLY want to emphasize with this post. NO you will not hurt our feelings! & YES we can change anything and everything you want to change.  We can start from scratch if we need too! I will do what needs to be done to ensure you are HAPPY! :)

I may not be able to please everybody, but I am sure gonna try my hardest!

I basically just want you all to know that if you think your eyes are too dark, TELL ME, & give me 5 minutes to fix it! It's SO simple! Locking yourself in your room & refusing to let me make it better does not make EITHER of us happy. {yes, this has happened} Secondly, telling me you love a look, only to go home and later email me to inform me that you in fact did NOT love a look and you're going to do your own wedding makeup? Pointless. {yes, this has also happened} Nobody wins in those types of situations.

Bottom line.. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP! I am here for you and together we can find the perfect look for you, one that suits your comfort level, one that leaves you looking like YOU, just more flawless & put-together, and one that leaves you truly radiantly beautiful. Exactly how a bride SHOULD look and feel on a day as important as her wedding. Promise.


That's my tip for the day.

Check back soon as I am going to do a whole Q & A regarding bridal makeup & what it's like to work with me for your wedding day. It will give you insight into some of my tips and tricks, as well as favorite products and makeup application techniques, like my love for airbrush.

Have a great evening everybody!


Chelsea Dawn