Earth Inspired Festival Makeup | Vancouver Island Makeup Artist

The truth is, nothing about this session went according to plan. 

We had a gorgeous wedding dress. A stunning, sparkly headpiece to match. 
Lacey Iris created a beautiful avant garde hairstyle to add a non-traditional touch to it all.
We ventured out to the backyard, and something just didn't feel right. 
After a few shots, I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

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Chelsea Banwell
Rosewall Creek Engagement Session | Kat + Ryan

I wanted to share a handful of favourites from an engagement session at Rosewall Creek in Bowser, BC. It is one of my favourite spots to hike around for whimsical forests and serene river settings, plus in the summer it is one of the greatest waterfall swimming holes around. I adore it! 
Have you been? Check it out! xo

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Chelsea BanwellComment
Winter Wedding Inspiration | Mount Washington Resort

With frequent trips back to the car to warm our frozen fingers + toes, these two were absolute troopers. We fell hip deep into snowbanks, had trees dump piles of snow from their limbs down towards us, and pretty sure all of the snowshoers thought we were a bit crazy.. but as always... it was worth it. 
Life is always more fun outside of your comfort zone, no? See for yourself... :)

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Chelsea Banwell