Do you daydream about adventuring through the lush & whimsical forests on Vancouver Island? Having the sounds of the river as it flows by between the groves of trees? Imagine standing amongst giant cedars, sunlight streaming through between the branches, illuminating the moss and ferns growing all around. The roots of the trees extend beneath your feet in all directions. Does your heart thrive when you place yourself in the middle of the wilderness? Is this where you imagine yourself when you think about your wedding? For those planning a Vancouver Island elopement or intimate wedding, you are in luck.

Here are a handful of places that I feel encompass the most magical & whimsical forests, most with a chilly river flowing nearby, handpicked for those of you who love to stay close to the earth and surround yourself with greenery every chance you get. 

Check back as this list will constantly be growing as I continue to adventure in search of other Vancouver Island wedding venues perfect for the the nature & wilderness lovers, just like you.


Bowser, BC

A "Fern Gully" vibe surrounds at this accessible yet off the beaten path trail. Hike deep in the forest, with walls of ferns & towering trees all around you. It's magical. 
Fallen logs offer access across the water if desired. It truly is a whimsical escape for the wild hearts that love immersing themselves deep in the woods, hand-in-hand, exploring.

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Top BRidge Trail Regional Park

Parksville, BC

How do you describe a place where words just truly don’t do it justice? For me, this place is Top Bridge. A magical place all times of the year, spend time exploring kilometres of trails, relaxing on the pebbly beaches surrounded by trees, small waterfalls and gently flowing rivers, or perch yourself on the rocky cliffs that overlook it all. And when you find the one area that you feel most connected to? Take note, and head back there in your wedding dress for the most dreamy elopement.

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Cathedral Grove

MacMillan Provincial Park, near Port Alberni, BC

The ultimate forest. Enter this old growth forest and find yourself surrounded by trees that are hundreds of years old.  It is truly magical and there are plenty of places to escape to for an intimate ceremony amongst the trees. Just follow your heart along the dirt trails and see where you end up!

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Elk Falls Provincial Park

Campbell River, BC

A thundering waterfall and an extensive network of forest trails make this one of the most popular parks on Vancouver Island. That being said, outside of summer months, you often have much of the trails to yourself. In the winter, the temperatures are mild and fog often hangs in the trees, creating a very dreamy experience. This in combination with the views standing on the rocks above the incredible waterfall, it’s a spectacular place for free spirited nature lovers and adventures.

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Big Qualicum River Trail

Qualicum Beach, BC

This is a favourite spot of mine that may get mentioned in multiple categories because it truly encompasses so many incredible aspects of nature. This location offers up to 11kms of trails, many of which lead you on a small dirt path through the woods, following along the rivers edge. You will come across small waterfalls and never ending beds of ferns, moss & fallen tree stumps. Most magical of all… hidden away down one particular path is a tree stump that has fallen across the river, forming a whimsical bridge linking forest paths. It is truly breathtaking.

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Englishman River Falls

The location that I first ever fell in love with for elopements. 
Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is so beautiful & full of private nooks perfect for a couple to escape to alongside their closest family and friends to exchange vows.
Explore deep in the forest, meander through dirt trails, or sit on the rocks as the icy waters flow past you, the sounds of breathtaking waterfalls all around.
Watch from the bridge viewpoint as the water crashes from the feature waterfall into the rocks far beneath you, only to flow downstream, into a picturesque swimming hole, 

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